Whitcomb leads Lynx to victory over Dandenong

Sunday October 25, 2015

The Perth Lynx have defeated the Dandenong Rangers 83-74 at the Bendat Basketball Centre in Perth. Sami Whitcomb put on a master class performance, ending the game with 36 points and six rebounds.

The Lynx came out slow in the first quarter, and after being up by four early, they went into quarter time down by six.

The second quarter was a complete turn around and the Lynx soon had a 15-point scoring streak, lead by Whitcomb and Tessa Lavey.

Lavey then had a three-point play right on the half time buzzer to take the Lynx to a 13-point lead at the main break.

Whitcomb and Lavey continued their dominant form into the third quarter with Whitcomb getting five three-pointers, and Lavey hitting all her free throws.

Whitcomb then made a fantastic start to the fourth quarter with two three-pointers in succession, and Betnijah Laney got herself to double figures on the scoreboard.

Coach Andy Stewart said the game showed glimpses of how the Perth Lynx aim to play.

“We showed great glimpses of who we believe we can be.

“Especially in the second quarter, the sort of defence and the sort of disruptive game that we can play against a team.

“Then the last bit of the game just showed that we’re pretty mentally tough.”

Sami Whitcomb said the hard work the Lynx put in is clearly paying off.

“We work really hard during the week and I think that’s a big reason that when we step on the court it doesn’t phase us as much.

“We push each other, we make each other work and I think that you can tell we’re ready to work hard.”

The Perth Lynx take on Bendigo at the Bendat Basketball Centre on Friday 30 October, with tip-off at 7:00pm.

Perth Lynx 83 (Sami Whitcomb 36, Tessa Lavey 18, Betnijah Laney 11)
Dandenong Rangers 74 (Stephanie Cumming 22, Sara Blicavs 19, Alex Bunton 13)

News Source: Perth Lynx Media