Hockeyroos win at International Festival

Sunday November 27, 2016 by  

The final session at the International Festival of Hockey for the Hockeyroos and the Indian Eves saw Australia come out on top finishing with a 3-1 score line, winning the three-game test in the process.

Brooke Peris, Gabi Nance And Jordyn Holzberger were Australia’s goal scorers who helped the team come back from being down 0-1 at half time.

The Indian Eves were first to score, with captain Vandana Katariva flicking in a field goal in the 17th minute of play to give the visitors an early advantage. Read more

Hockeyroos defeat India on day three

Friday November 25, 2016 by  

The Hockeyroos have dominated their second game against India at the International Festival of Hockey defeating the visitors 4-1 with goals from Kathryn Slattery, Georgia Nanscawen, Ashlea Fey and Edwina Bone.

The Australians had a solid start with a penalty corner opportunity less than a minute in to the first quarter and although the flick went high of the net they maintained control of the ball. Eight minutes in and the game improved for the Hockeyroos with Kathryn Slattery flicking in a sly one from the left-hand side of the net.

The second goal for the Hockeyroos came in the 26th minute of play, with Laura Barden making a fantastic pass down to the Australian circle, before Victorian Georgia Nanscawen managed to flick the ball straight into the net for a stunning goal. Read more

Mixed fortunes on day one of Hockey Festival

Wednesday November 23, 2016 by  

The International Festival of Hockey kicked off at Melbourne’s State Netball and Hockey Centre today, with the Hockeyroos taking part in a three-game test against India, and the Kookburras in a four nations competition with India, Malaysia, and New Zealand.

The Kookaburras came away with a 3–2 win over India, while the Hockeyroos were defeated by India 1–nil.

The Hockeyroos took on India first, and quarter one saw both teams pressing without any luck converting goals. India were the first up on the board after Rani managed to score a penalty corner at the 21st minute of the match, leaving the Hockeyroos going into the half time break knowing they had some work to do. Read more

Roos break series tie

Sunday February 21, 2016 by  

Georgina Morgan, Emily Smith and Grace Stewart helped the Hockeyroos to break the series deadlock 3-2 with Great Britain in the final match of the series at the Perth Hockey Stadium Sunday afternoon.

Despite Great Britain’s late second half goals by Sophie Bray and Joie Leigh, the Hockeyroos finished the series off strongly, with Georgina Morgan, Emily Smith and Grace Stewart helping Australia to earn a second match victory.

Pleased with Australia’s performance, Head Coach Adam Commens said, “I’m really pleased with today’s result. I thought we were fantastic up until late in the fourth quarter, when we had a number of our players off. Read more

Hockeyroos secure third draw against Great Britain

Saturday February 20, 2016 by  

Sunday’s sixth and final test will be the decider between the Hockeyroos and Great Britain after their third draw of the series in Perth. Georgie Parker’s deflection helped the Hockeyroos to bounce back from a one goal deficit moments after the halftime break.

After a delayed start due to a watering failure, Australian forward Georgie Parker retaliated Sarah Haycroft’s late second quarter strike for Great Britain exactly one minute after the halftime break, equalising the match 1-1.

Speaking afterwards, Head Coach Adam Commens said, “I thought our intensity levels were a little bit low in the first half, we had a late start and the heat contributed to our slow first quarter. Read more

Smith helps Roos back

Thursday February 18, 2016 by  

Emily Smith’s skilful strike helped the Hockeyroos to a late 2-2 equaliser with Great Britain in their fourth match of the series on Thursday night.

Working together as a team, Georgia Nanscawen and Emily Smith’s strikes held Great Britain back from securing a second win of the series, after two successful penalty corner attempts from Giselle Ansley.

Speaking afterwards, Head Coach Adam Commens said, “With a lot of youngsters out on the pitch, we saw a performance that had a lot of positives tonight. Read more

Nelson’s equaliser helps Australia secure draw

Tuesday February 16, 2016 by  

Ashleigh Nelson’s equalising goal in the 54th minute of the match, coupled with Great Britain’s missed penalty corner opportunity late on, helped Australia come back from behind to secure a 3-3 draw on the final siren in the third match of the series.

Australia came from behind on three occasions, Gabrielle Nance, Karri McMahon and Nelson pegging back goals from Crista Cullen, Ellie Watton and Helen Richardson-Walsh.

Frustrated with the final result, Hockeyroos Head Coach Adam Commens said, “I thought we played well for a new group with the team showcasing seven new players. We combined well to create numerous attacks with Great Britain defending doggedly, however, unfortunately we only ended up with a draw rather than a win.” Read more

Team GB sink Hockeyroos

Sunday February 14, 2016 by  

In a fast and physical second clash against Great Britain in Bunbury, the Hockeyroos went down 1-0 to the world number six team on Sunday afternoon. Susie Gilbert’s penalty corner rebound early in the second quarter made the difference to level the series at one victory each.

Speaking afterwards, Head Coach Adam Commens said, “It was a better performance in terms of tiding up our defence and creating more chances today, however, the quality was not at the same level as Friday. To win a match you need to score penalty corners and field goals, and we were unable to do that today.

“We want to win matches, however, winning now is not the important thing. It’s about improving our processes so when we get to Rio we fully understand what we are able to achieve as a team.” Read more

Hockeyroos defeat Great Britain

Friday February 12, 2016 by  

Strikes from Kathryn Slattery, Mariah Williams and Ashleigh Nelson helped the Hockeyroos to secure their first 4-3 victory of the six-match series against Great Britain in Bunbury on Friday night.

Pleased with the Hockeyroos’ performance against world number six Great Britain, Australian Head Coach Adam Commens said, “We played well when we had the ball and pressed even better without it, this helped us create positive opportunities tonight.

“There were moments where our pressure was broken and there are obvious areas that we need to tidy up, however, I was pleased with our overall performance as a team. Read more

Hockeyroos settle for sixth

Sunday December 13, 2015 by  

The Hockeyroos have had to settle for sixth place at the World League in Rosario after going down 1-0 to the number one ranked team in the world the Netherlands Sunday morning.

Pleased with the Hockeyroos’ performance against a strong Dutch side, Head Coach Adam Commens believed the girls created good opportunities in what he thought was a fairly even contest.

“This was one of our best performances of the tournament. We really created a lot of chances against the Dutch, it was probably the best we have played against them and we were unlucky to not get a result, however, I’m really happy with our performance all round. Read more