Kookaburras through to a World League Semi Final

Wednesday July 19, 2017 by  

Australia played Egypt tonight in the quarter final of the World League Semi-Final, with Kookaburras captain Mark Knowles reaching an incredible 300 international games for Australia.

Australia through to the last four after defeating Egypt at the World Hockey League.
Photo courtesy of FIH.ch/Getty

The Kookaburras were triumphant winning the game 4-0 to make the semi-final of the World League Semi-Final, along with qualifying for the 2018 World Cup in the process.

Three minutes into the game and Australia were up for a chance on a penalty corner after a dangerous ball from Egypt in the Australian D. The shot was well defended by Egypt, and the goal attempt by the Kookaburras on the deflection went wide of the net.

Minutes later and Australia were up for another opportunity to get on the score board with a second penalty corner chance, however the flick from Jeremy Hayward went slightly wide and to the right of the net. Finally, on their third penalty corner attempt Jeremy Hayward converted giving the Kookaburras their first goal and the lead in the game. Read more

Kookaburras defeat Japan to qualify for Quarter Finals

Monday July 17, 2017 by  

The Kookaburras played Japan tonight in their final pool game of the World League Semi-Finals, winning their fourth match 7-2.

Twelve seconds into the game and the Kookaburras were in the lead, a tackle on Trent Mitton allowing captain Mark Knowles the opportunity to flick the ball into the net for a penalty stroke goal.

Australia had a good two chances at penalty corners only a minute later but this time goalkeeper Suguru Shimmoto was on point and the net was well defended. Jake Whetton turned it around for Australia by scoring a field goal five minutes in with a reverse flick from directly in front of the net eluding Shimmoto. Read more

Kookaburras claim World League win over New Zealand

Saturday July 15, 2017 by  

The Kookaburras won their third pool game at the World League Semi-Finals in Johannesburg tonight, coming back from being one down to defeat the New Zealand Black Sticks 2-1 in their third win of the tournament.

New Zealand were up for the first chance at goal just minutes into the game, however their efforts went unrewarded as Australian goalkeeper Tyler Lovell easily saved the ball.

Australia had the next opportunity for a penalty corner with the shot on goal from Aaron Kleinschmidt flying into the net, however the goal was reversed on review by the video umpire leaving the score at nil–all. Read more

Teams confirmed for ‘game-changing’ Pro League

Tuesday June 13, 2017 by  

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has confirmed that Australia’s men’s and women’s national teams (FIH Hero World Ranking: 2 & 4) will participate in the Hockey Pro League, a unique global international team-sport league.

The new league, which is due to launch in January 2019, will see the nine best men’s and women’s teams from around the world play each other both at home and away every year, across a total of 144 games. The fixtures will take place in national stadiums, week in, week out, from January to June.

Australia, one of the world’s best men’s teams, will face Argentina, Belgium, England/Great Britain, Germany, India, Netherlands, New Zealand and Pakistan in the new league, with the latter playing their home matches in Scotland. Read more

Great Britain lifts the 2017 Azlan Shah Cup

Saturday May 6, 2017 by  

The Kookaburras and Great Britain took part in the final of the Azlan Shah Cup tonight, with Great Britain too good for the defending champions, defeating Australia 4–3.

The first goal came to Great Britain in the eighth minute of play during their first circle penetration of the match. Alan Forsyth scored a field goal from the top of the circle following a pass from Jonty Keaney.

Great Britain continued to hold on to control of the game, with a penalty corner goal from David Goodfield in the 11th minute of play, doubling their score to 2-nil. The Kookaburras forced three penalty corner opportunities in the last minutes of the first quarter, but goalkeeper Harry Gibson managed to foil every set piece attempt. Read more

Kookaburras win International Hockey Open

Saturday April 1, 2017 by  

In a nail-biting final test at the Darwin International Hockey Open, the Kookaburras have won the series and the match with a 5-3 victory over Pakistan in a game that was packed with action from the very first minute of play.

Pakistan came to the final match of the International Hockey Open determined, and were paid for that determination by scoring the first of the game with a field goal from Abu Mahmood.

The Kookaburras were not having it, and only seconds later had a penalty corner opportunity. It was Kiran Arunasalam who scored the penalty corner to tie the match back up – his first goal as a Kookaburra. Read more

Kookaburras take third game over Pakistan

Friday March 31, 2017 by  

It was a drenched team of Kookaburras that left the pitch with a 2-0 victory over Pakistan in game three of the four game test at the Darwin International Hockey Open tonight.

The first quarter went by with both teams pushing hard to get on the score board, but the weather hindered their opportunities.

Nineteen minutes into the game and Jeremy Hayward scored a penalty corner goal, getting the Kookaburras on the board just before the players had to abandon the pitch due to the weather. Read more

Kookaburras defeat Pakistan

Wednesday March 29, 2017 by  

There was some spectacular hockey on display tonight at the Darwin International Hockey Open, with the fast-paced game giving both sides ample opportunity to score; however, it was the Kookaburras who came away with their second win of the series defeating Pakistan 3–0.

After a couple of missed opportunities early in the first quarter, the Kookaburras were in with an early lead thanks to a scrabble in the Australian circle resulting in a field goal for Tom Wickham.

Pakistan had an opportunity on a penalty corner early into the second quarter, before Australia’s Flynn Ogilvie and Kiran Arunasalam made a late break for goal which narrowly missed the post. Read more

Kookaburras win inaugural International Festival

Sunday November 27, 2016 by  

The Kookaburras have won the inaugural International Festival of Hockey against the New Zealand Black Sticks this evening, winning the final 3-1 with goals from Trent Mitton, Chris Bausor and Jeremy Hayward.

The first quarter was action packed with the Kookaburras having the opportunity, but narrowly missing several shots on goal with one from Jake Whetton so close it hit the post much to the dismay of the crowd.

Quarter time came with a nil – all score after the Aussies continually pressed the Black Sticks. Going into the second quarter and Trent Mitton celebrating his 100th cap, made a break for goal but the Black Sticks managed to rally their defence and avoid giving the Kookaburras the lead. Read more

Kookaburras defeat Malaysia on day four

Saturday November 26, 2016 by  

The Kookaburras have dominated the match against Malaysia today at the International Festival of Hockey, with a 5–nil win thanks to some fantastic goals from Jake Whetton, Scott Boyde, Aaron Kleinschmidt and Aran Zalewski.

The first quarter of the game saw some scrappy hockey as both the Kookaburras and Malaysia fought to take ownership of the play. It was Jake Whetton however who gave the Aussies an early advantage, tapping the ball from directly in front of the net sending it straight in past the Malaysian keeper.

Minutes later and Australia were looking dangerous again with some team work by Dylan Wotherspoon and Trent Mitton getting the Kookaburras close to scoring a second, but this time keeper Kumar Subramiam cleared the ball. Read more