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Origin, already?

Thursday April 8, 2010 by  

KEYTO’S NRL HITS (and misses) – Sydney media seems to suggest it is State of Origin time already. They’re naming halfbacks, captains and why they (NSW) will win … in April. REALLY? State of Origin series are not won in April and certainly are not won on the back of newspapers.

G’day folks, I hope you all enjoyed your Easter break. I spent mine in Sydney, rugby league heartland (at least in media land), and had a great time. I was going to talk this week about television scheduling but apparently, it’s State of Origin time already! Read more

More Sunday Footy please!!

Thursday April 1, 2010 by  

KEYTO’S NRL HITS (and misses) – G’day readers … I have a confession to make – I LOVE Sunday afternoon rugby league. It’s the best time of the weekend to watch your team and I know I’m not the only one who thinks so.

This week I’m going to look at what makes Sunday footy so good and where I want to see the next round of television agreements to go.

Sunday Football

I think all rugby league fans have a soft spot for the Sunday timeslot. It is ideal for families – a 2 or 3pm kick-off allows plenty of time to get out to the game, spend a couple of hours in the sun, and get home to put the kids to bed at a reasonable hour. Read more

Contracts mean something, right?

Thursday March 25, 2010 by  

KEYTO’S NRL HITS (and misses) – Does an NRL contract still mean something or do the players pick and choose when or if they choose to honour their deal? Ben Hannant is homesick and wants to leave the Bulldogs – I don’t think he should be allowed.

Hi everyone and thanks for coming back again this week. This week I will discuss an issue that has crept into our game the past couple of years – player contracts.

Are these things written on scraps of paper now? Are they kept in a back pocket to be used when needed and discarded when finished? I’m no legal expert but I’m sure an NRL contract says – “We’re going to pay you so much money and you’re going to represent our club for so many years”. These days it seems the contracts say – “We’re going to pay you so much money but don’t worry about the years, they’re an approximate number”. Read more

Exciting Backs to Excite the Fans

Thursday March 18, 2010 by  

KEYTO’S NRL HITS (and misses) – G’day folks I am back again with my weekly thoughts on the NRL season. Thanks to everyone who read and responded to my four part Preview article last week.

Welcome to anyone who may be here for the first time as well.

Each Thursday I will post a short piece on a thought or issue within the wonderful game of rugby league here at Sports Australia and my blog site: Your contributions are very much welcome and you can leave comments below or reach me directly at

This week I am going to take a look at three of the most exciting backs in the game. These promising gents are destined for representative football and all have the potential, as we’ve seen, to really ignite a crowd. Read more

NRL Season 2010 Preview – Part Four

Thursday March 11, 2010 by  

Hello readers and welcome to the final instalment of my 2010 NRL season preview. In this column I will discuss the four teams I believe could qualify at the top of the ladder this year.

As per the previous discussions I will give a team motto, x-factor and general prediction. Read more

NRL Season 2010 Preview – Part Three

Wednesday March 10, 2010 by  

Hello readers and welcome to my NRL season preview, part three of four. Today I’m looking at the teams I expect to finish 5th to 8th, in no particular order.

Once again I will give a team motto, and x-factor and a prediction as seen through my eyes! As always any feedback is greatly appreciated. Read more

NRL Season 2010 Preview – Part Two

Tuesday March 9, 2010 by  

G’day again folks and welcome to my NRL season 2010 preview, part two of four today. Once again you can reach me through the various feedback forms.

The focus for now though is on the four teams (in no particular order) I believe will finish close to the top eight, but won’t quite make it to September. Again I have a team motto, and X-factor player and a brief prediction of how I think the season will pan out. Read more

NRL Season 2010 Preview – Part One

Monday March 8, 2010 by  

Hello everyone and welcome to rugby league season 2010. My name is Andrew Keyte and I will be back this year with weekly columns, previews and match reports for Sports Australia and my blog site.

Like last year I welcome your feedback and hope to have some interesting topics to discuss.

To begin this season I have a four-part season preview to release over the next four days as we prepare for Round One on Friday night. For each team I will give a brief season prediction, a look at their ‘X-Factor’ player and assign a team motto I think they should each follow. Read more

The Things we’ve learnt

Thursday October 1, 2009 by  

Keyto’s NRL Hits (and misses) – Well hello and welcome to my final NRL opinion/blog piece of season 2009. I had a fantastic holiday last week but still had a footy fix – we listened to the Broncos beat the Dragons two weeks ago and the Eels topple the Bulldogs last week at the beach, sitting around the camp fire. So now we’re all set for Sunday afternoon where the mighty Melbourne Storm takes on the red-hot Parramatta Eels.

I was going to preview this match but I always find build up to Grand Finals and Origins a little bit boring. Instead, I will offer a few thoughts at the end but for now I’m going to borrow something from Rove McManus and talk about the things we’ve learnt in season 2009.

Off-field behaviour
Ok, let’s start with the shit.. You have to wonder if things are that bad or is the public demanding this information thus leading to heavy media scrutiny and publication? No one wants to see criminal acts such as sexual and physical assaults … they need to be made public and offenders dealt with accordingly. Read more

Skilled Park

Thursday September 17, 2009 by  

Keyto’s NRL Hits (and misses) – G’day everyone and hello to you all again. Tonight I’m going to talk to you about Skilled Park; a simply wonderful venue for rugby league.

I made my maiden trip down there last week, dressed in my best Broncos jersey, and was blown away by the facility. I’m a regular at Suncorp Stadium and south-east Queensland is so lucky to have two world-class rugby league stadiums.

I didn’t intend to head down to the game but when the opportunity came up I jumped at it. My mate and I, who have attended a stack of footy games together, drove down to a nearby area before catching the train one stop to Robina. That station is 200 metres away from Skilled Park and they have set up a nice, easy walkway directly to the venue. Read more