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Silly Sunday’s, Terrific Tuesday’s & Footy Finals

Thursday September 10, 2009 by  

Keyto’s NRL Hits (and misses) – Good evening all and welcome back to the Qualifying Finals edition of my weekly ramblings. I don’t have anything decent to talk about this week … I have no idea who is going to win their games this weekend.

I can tell you I was happy to see the Roosters take the wooden spoon last weekend. I went to the Broncos again on Sunday and must say; my headgear’s off to Raiders fullback Josh Dugan for his two great tackles/body-blocks on Dave Taylor in that game. Very brave effort from a player, who I think, is going to be pretty good. Tonight I will run through a couple of things making news this week.

South Sydney’s Silly Sunday
Ok, we’ve had plenty of crap in the game this year that’s seemed to occur about once every 2-3 weeks. We were due … and the Bunnies delivered. I don’t know why but I found this story to be a little bit funny: Big guy leaving the club, not his best season but had his moments, coach on the piss, does something that leaves the player embarrassed, player decks coach. Read more

Picking a winner

Thursday September 3, 2009 by  

Keyto’s NRL Hits (and misses) – Hello all and welcome to what is the penultimate week of the 2009 NRL competition and most judges, now more than at any stage this year, have no idea who is going to win this thing!

In fact it’s even proving a hard task working out who is playing where next week let alone Grand Final day! Let’s have a look why:

The following takes place between 7:30pm Friday Rd 25 and 9pm Monday Rd 25

The Broncos defeat a spirited North Queensland but don’t have things going entirely their own way. They scrap hard for a win, drop a lot of football, but eventually out-class their northern cousins. Read more

Big Guns Return

Thursday August 27, 2009 by  

Keyto’s NRL Hits (and misses) – Well it must be Finals time because all of the contenders are getting their big guns back. Hello everyone and welcome to the 25th edition of my weekly dribble.

While players at clubs like the Rabbitohs and Tigers are doing as their premiership hopes are, dropping off the radars, the powerhouse teams are getting their big guns back for the end of season shootout. Tonight I will have a look at the four big names returning this week and how they will shape the 2009 Finals.

Israel Folau
This bloke is a superstar but of the big four he is probably less important to his teams’ success. Make no mistake about it, the Broncos or any other team would move mountains to get this man mountain firing in September. Read more

I love my footy

Thursday August 20, 2009 by  

Keyto’s NRL Hits (and misses) – Good evening everyone and just how good has the footy been? Last weekend was outstanding, one of the most enjoyable weekends of rugby league I can remember.

And, we’re in for even more fun this weekend with the official program, Big League, declaring it as the ‘Round of the Decade’. You can smell the Finals and I think it’s fantastic that so many teams are alive and almost every game from here on in really means something.

Let’s jump back a week and walk through just why the footy was so good. Of course we all know what had dominated the headlines…another, must be around at least the 10th, off-field incident was the talk of the town.

But just when you think this great game is at its lowest point you get a whole heap of talented, committed footballers delivering some outstanding skills, resulting in some high-class entertainment. Read more

My GOD…I agree with ‘Gus’!

Thursday August 13, 2009 by  

Keyto’s NRL Hits (and misses) – Phil ‘Gus’ Gould is arguably the most opinionated man and expert in the rugby league world. He has managed to irk just about everyone at some point, especially Queenslanders, with his opinions on all things he perceives to be right and wrong with the game.

But, you know, the man is nearly always right! Where he goes wrong is that he often comes across as such an arrogant prick and most people tend to switch off, bag him or rebel against him. Hello everyone and welcome to a week where I agree with the great Gus-Wonder!!

Video Referees…Gould has been so vocal against these guys and the whole refereeing system and structure in 2009. And you know what, he’s banged on so much about these things that I finally agree with him. Listening to Monday Night Football last week on Triple M, where Gus is the co-commentator, it became painstakingly obvious to me that he is on to something. Read more

The night it all went so very wrong

Thursday August 6, 2009 by  

Keyto’s NRL Hits (and misses) – Evening all and thanks again for stopping by…so my team the Brisbane Broncos are in trouble huh? Worst crop of Broncos ever? They gave up against Canberra and were flogged?

Yep…that’s just about the gist of what I’m going to write about.

As regular readers would know the Broncos are my team. I have followed them for at least the last 15 years and as a fan have enjoyed tremendous success.

Six Premierships, countless superstars and every year experiencing the thrill of the one in eight chance to win the title. I can’t see that happening in 2009…in fact last weekend I was questioning if we would even win another game this season. Read more

Karmichael Hunt

Thursday July 30, 2009 by  

Keyto’s NRL Hits (and misses) – I am glad this story broke yesterday because I didn’t really have much to write about this week! Hello everyone and welcome to my take on the Karmichael Hunt defection to AFL.

I figure everyone else is talking about it so why not me! I will open up by saying I am more surprised than disappointed, even now some 24 hours later I am not that disappointed to be honest.

I am a Karmichael fan, he plays for my club, and obviously my first preference would be for him to remain at the Broncos followed by him staying with rugby league. But nope, K pretty much shocked everyone with his announcement yesterday. Read more

The Biggest Little Men

Thursday July 23, 2009 by  

Keyto’s NRL Hits (and misses) – Good evening all and thanks for stopping back. Thankfully there were no off-field incidents to ruin what I thought was a great weekend for rugby league last week.

The double-header here in Brisbane was fantastic. For the first time in a long time I was genuinely disappointed I couldn’t get tickets to a game (well two, actually) of football. For those wondering, tickets were valued as normal (adult minimum at $27).

These double-headers should become regular events. I would love to see four a year:

1. ANZ Stadium on the first Sunday afternoon of the year…could even make it the Friday night however I like a Queensland ‘derby’ game that night too. Read more

Oh to be a ‘Queenslandah’

Thursday July 16, 2009 by  

Keyto’s NRL Hits (and misses) – Hello everyone from a somewhat sleep deprived yet proud Queenslander! I was part of the 52,439 strong at the game last night and even though the Maroons went down, it was a heck of a night!

First off, congratulations to the New South Wales Blues on a good win. They were by far the better side last night and I thought their captain Kurt Gidley was outstanding.

The talking point of course was the “thuggery” in the final couple of minutes. I wouldn’t call it thuggery, the NSW media has, but I wouldn’t. It was Origin football, Queensland spirit and sticking up for your mates.

For me, someone who has been to I think four Origin games, the minutes following the Price hit was my Origin Moment. Let me take you through things the way it unfolded from my point of view and that of the other Queenslanders sitting in the bottom tier of the Southern Stand. Read more

The Blues, The poo’s and Jamie Lyon

Thursday July 9, 2009 by  

Keyto’s NRL Hits (and misses) – Good afternoon or evening or whenever you may be reading this; hope you are well. With the Ashes starting last night and continuing over the weekend it’s been a nice little distraction from the NRL while we build up to the Origin dead-rubber game in Brisbane.

Queensland of course have won the series and will play for a whitewash while the Blues need to find some form of respect, where nothing short of a win will do. Today I’m going to look at Origin from a couple of different angles as I discuss the big issues from this week.

Finally, NSW pick the right team
Without a doubt, in my opinion, this is more like the team the Blues needed for Game I if they were to challenge Queensland. Unfortunately though in the grand scheme of things that all means nothing…the series is over and the Blues could win 30-0 but they can’t take the trophy from the Maroons. Read more