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Club Culture

Thursday July 2, 2009 by  

Keyto’s NRL Hits (and misses) – Well another week in the NRL and more negative headlines. Unfortunately the euphoria (at least where I live) of last weeks’ Origin victory is long gone and been replaced by more off-field, alcohol related incidents.

This is not going to be a game-bashing column, but I’m rather going to look at the club culture throughout the game and why it plays such a big role in preventing these incidents.

Every single rugby league club, at any level, has some sort of culture that filters to all aspects of the organisation from the CEO to the folks cheering on the sideline. In the NRL, the clubs with the best culture tend to be the clubs we don’t see any negative headlines about.

Purely as a fan looking in, I think the clubs with the best culture at the moment are the Bulldogs way out in front, followed by the Gold Coast Titans and Newcastle. Two of those clubs have had to completely re-build their culture in the last few years while the Titans have set about a foundation in which to build their organisation. Read more